Taylor 214ce DLX LTD Trans Blue

By Taylor

Discover the exceptional playability and captivating aesthetics of the Taylor 214ce DLX LTD in the stunning Trans Blue finish. This limited edition model combines Taylor's renowned craftsmanship with deluxe features, offering a versatile and inspiring instrument for guitarists of all levels.

Product Features:

  • Limited Edition Excellence: The Taylor 214ce DLX LTD in Trans Blue is a limited edition model that combines Taylor's dedication to quality with deluxe appointments.
  • Trans Blue Finish: The Trans Blue finish adds a touch of elegance and showcases the guitar's figured wood grain, making it a visual standout.
  • Versatile Expression System 2 (ES2) Electronics: The onboard ES2 electronics capture the natural tones of the guitar with exceptional clarity and accuracy.
  • Deluxe Appointments: Deluxe features such as a bound body, Italian acrylic inlays, and a hardshell case enhance the overall playing and ownership experience.
  • Taylor Playability: The Grand Auditorium body shape and comfortable neck profile ensure smooth playability, making it a pleasure to perform on.