Fender American Acoustasonic JazzMaster Natural Acoustic Electric Guitar

By Fender

Experience the iconic Jazzmaster design infused with acoustic-electric versatility in the Fender American Acoustasonic JazzMaster Natural. This instrument reimagines the classic Jazzmaster with a revolutionary blend of acoustic and electric tones, delivering exceptional sonic possibilities for modern musicians.

Product Features:

  • Hybrid Design: The American Acoustasonic JazzMaster seamlessly transitions between acoustic and electric tones for diverse sonic landscapes.
  • Slim Jazzmaster Body: The slender Jazzmaster body design ensures comfort and familiarity while providing a balanced acoustic resonance.
  • Proprietary Electronics: Fender's cutting-edge electronics capture the nuances of both acoustic and electric tones, making every performance unique.
  • Rich Natural Finish: The natural finish showcases the beauty of the wood grain while complementing the instrument's modern aesthetic.
  • Effortless Playability: The American Acoustasonic JazzMaster features a comfortable neck profile, facilitating fluid playing across genres.