Fender American Ultra Telecaster Lake Cobra Blue Maple FB

By Fender

Embark on a musical journey of innovation and style with the Fender American Ultra Telecaster in Lake Cobra Blue finish and Maple Fingerboard (FB). This extraordinary instrument combines classic Telecaster aesthetics with cutting-edge features, delivering exceptional playability and tone.

Product Features:

  • Captivating Finish: The Lake Cobra Blue finish captivates with its bold, eye-catching appearance, complementing the instrument's elegant design.
  • Smooth Maple Fingerboard: The Maple Fingerboard (FB) offers a sleek playing surface, enhancing articulation and versatility.
  • Noiseless Pickups: Fender's Ultra Noiseless Vintage pickups offer vintage-inspired tone without unwanted noise, delivering clarity and depth.
  • Modern "D" Neck Profile: The Modern "D" neck profile strikes a balance between comfort and playability, accommodating various playing styles.
  • S-1 Switching: The S-1 switching system expands tonal possibilities, enabling you to explore a wide range of expressive sounds.