Fender American Ultra Telecaster Texas Tea RW

By Fender

Experience the perfect blend of classic aesthetics and modern innovation with the Fender American Ultra Telecaster in Texas Tea finish and Rosewood (RW) Fingerboard. This exceptional instrument offers unparalleled playability, versatility, and tone, making it a true standout in any musical genre.

Product Features:

  • Distinctive Finish: The Texas Tea finish exudes sophistication and elegance, highlighting the instrument's sleek contours and premium craftsmanship.
  • Smooth Rosewood Fingerboard: The Rosewood (RW) fingerboard offers a comfortable playing surface, enhancing expressiveness and articulation.
  • Noiseless Pickups: Fender's Ultra Noiseless Vintage pickups provide vintage-inspired tone without unwanted noise, ensuring clarity and depth.
  • Modern "D" Neck Profile: The Modern "D" neck profile offers a comfortable playing feel, accommodating various playing techniques.
  • S-1 Switching: The S-1 switching system expands your sonic palette, allowing you to explore a wide range of tones.