Fender Player Lead II Crimson Red Transparent

By Fender

Experience timeless design and modern playability with the Fender Player Lead II in Crimson Red Transparent. This versatile instrument pays homage to Fender's heritage while offering contemporary features that make it perfect for players of all genres.

Product Features:

  • Classic Design: The Player Lead II captures the essence of Fender's iconic design, providing a familiar and comfortable playing experience.
  • Striking Crimson Red Transparent Finish: The Crimson Red Transparent finish adds a touch of elegance and showcases the guitar's sleek lines.
  • Versatile Pickups: The dual Player Series humbucking pickups deliver a versatile range of tones, from warm cleans to crunchy overdrive.
  • Modern "C" Neck Profile: The modern "C" neck profile offers easy playability, making it suitable for both chords and intricate solos.
  • Vintage-Inspired Tremolo: The vintage-style tremolo adds expressive vibrato effects to your playing.