PRS CE24 Semi Hollow Grey Faded Grey Black


Experience the perfect blend of classic design and modern innovation with the PRS CE24 Semi Hollow in the captivating Grey Faded Grey Black finish. This versatile instrument offers exceptional playability, distinctive tone, and eye-catching aesthetics.

Product Features:

  • Classic Design, Modern Playability: The PRS CE24 Semi Hollow seamlessly combines timeless design with contemporary playability, catering to a variety of playing styles.
  • Unique Grey Faded Grey Black Finish: The Grey Faded Grey Black finish adds a touch of elegance and showcases the guitar's graceful contours.
  • Semi Hollow Construction: The semi hollow body design enhances resonance and sustain, providing a warm and expressive tone.
  • Versatile PRS 85/15 Pickups: The 85/15 pickups deliver dynamic and articulate tones, allowing you to explore a wide sonic range.
  • Comfortable Neck Profile: The Pattern Thin neck profile offers comfortable playability for both chords and intricate leads.